GET Services are a leading renewable energy installation company covering the West Midlands and the UK. We are dedicated to contributing to the government’s targets of reducing CO2 emissions in the UK by installing renewable technologies into residential properties.

We offer a professional service tailored to your specific needs. We will visit your home for an initial free no obligation consultation and look at your requirements in detail. We can then recommend the Solar PV installation that is best suited to your needs.

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    Please find below just a few of the questions that we are often asked at GET Services regarding residential renewable energy installations.

    How much do Solar panels cost to install?

    Costs will vary depending on the number of panels installed and the ease of installation. As a rough guide, a fully supplied and installed 4.1kWp system (Up to 10 Panels) will cost from £5,495

    How long do Solar panels last?

    Solar panels are expected to have a useful life of at least 40 years. All panels that we install have manufacturer’s guarantees that state the panels will still deliver at least 80% of day one performance after twenty years or longer.

    Is any maintenance required?

    Not really, without any intervention the system is kept naturally clean by weathering. Any bird mess will be baked off in the sun and washed away by the rain. However, if you have a window cleaner that uses the water fed pole system and they are able to reach the panels, then a quick once over every other year would be more than adequate to keep the panels at their optimum.

    Is my roof strong enough?

    Your roof needs to be structurally sound in order to take the additional loads involved with Solar panels. Sometimes the roof may require strengthening which is usually taken care of by us without any additional cost to you.

    Do Solar panels work where I live?

    The UK’s irradiation map shows that we can harvest more than 850kWh of Solar energy per kWp installed. So, for a 4.1kWp system you could generate over 3.400kWh of electricity each year and this is more than the current average household uses in a year.

    Does Solar add value to my property?

    The value of your home will undoubtedly increase and it may even be by a greater margin than the initial investment. A MORI survey reported that homes with environmental features will be valued by up to £10k more by local estate agents compared to similar properties that don’t.

    Can Solar be fitted to my garage or other flat roofs?

    An ‘A’ frame mount can be used and is adjustable enabling optimum elevation angle to collect the suns energy.

    Why get Solar panels installed?

    Once your Solar system is installed, you can collect energy from the sun completely free of charge. Some of the benefits include no harmful CO2 emissions, increase in property value, reduced dependency on gas and less exposure to continuous rises in fuel bills.

    Do I need planning permission?

    Solar PV panels are known as a “permitted development”. This means that for most domestic properties, planning permission is not required. However, if you live in a listed building, conservation area or if you have a flat roof, you may need planning permission.

    Will Solar fit my house?

    A typical 4KWp system will be around 17 sq. ft., and will have an optimal output of around 345w. What this means is that each of the solar panels will provide you with an average output of 20w per sq. ft.

    What is on Grid?

    Essentially this means that your Solar PV system is connected to the national electricity grid rather than being a stand alone system which is more popular in other (hotter) countries. When Solar PV is producing electricity in excess of your needs it is automatically fed back to the National Grid and you will be credited for your contribution.

    What about quality?

    We supply and install a wide range of panels and the associated equipment to suit different budgets and space restrictions. All equipment carries extensive warranties on quality and performance. We only use Tier 1 products.

    Can I get a battery storage system through GET Services?

    Yes, GET Services offers Solar PV in combination with battery storage or battery storage on its own in case you already have Solar PV panels.