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LGET Services are a leading renewable energy installation company covering the West Midlands and the UK. We are dedicated to contributing to the government’s targets of reducing CO2 emissions in the UK by installing renewable technologies into commercial settings.

We offer a professional service tailored to your specific needs. We will visit your company for an initial free no obligation consultation and look at your requirements in detail. We can then recommend the lighting and Electrical installation that is best suited to your needs.

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    Our staff are fully trained and adhere to current 17th edition wiring regulations and all our service are backed by TrustMark and NICEIC for your peace of mind and knowing that we are a great value for money electrical service provider and all our work is fully guaranteed.

    We specialise in installing a range of electrical devices from commercial to domestic requirements. We have years of experience in offering the best services and assuring a safe environment. Our team of experts makes sure each project is planned and executed properly and we only deal in A-grade products to ensure high-quality solutions to all our customers.

    Electrical Wiring

    Wiring is a technical job, which requires precision, design and planning to complete the work with perfection. We install in a full range of methods using a variety of cable types and containment to ensure the wiring system is not affected by external or environmental influences, and of course to make every installation as neat and tidy as possible. Wiring a property isn’t as simple as it sounds, many things have to be taken into account when planning cable routes to ensure the cables are tidy and not affected by other items and services, this is critical for ensuring the life of the installation. Our experts make sure that the planning and execution are completed perfectly to ensure a satisfactory delivery to each of our valuable clients.


    LEDs have a better colour consistency and therefore perceived brightness. The quality of light versus traditional alternatives is undeniable. They produce a higher level of uniformity in illumination and shadows and colour abnormalities are therefore eliminated. Because LED lighting does not produce any harmful UV rays, they will also not cause any fading to surrounding stock and equipment within your business.

    An improved quality of lighting will no doubt bring many advantages to your business including minimising errors, an enhanced safety, improved morale, and an enhanced look for any office, showroom, or consumer-focussed property. LED lighting can also be used to create uniformity of image if spread across the entire site, facilitating attractive lighting levels across a large area.

    LED Return On Investment

    Due to the long lifespan and minimal maintenance, LED’s will save you money. Whilst the upfront cost of fitting LED lighting is higher, it will pay for itself within 2 years and the ROI is up to 15 times the cost of purchase. The money saved in annual utility cost is outstanding with many businesses reducing their lighting bills by up to 90%.