Are you ready to take control of your energy costs and embrace a sustainable future? An exclusive chance to secure a fully installed up to 10 Panel / 4.1kWp solar system with a Duracell 10kWh battery for an unbeatable price of only:


What’s Included:

Up to 10 x 405w High-Efficiency Solar Panels
1 x Duracell Inverter
2 x Duracell 5.12kWh Battery – 10kWh (Duracell App Included)

Benefits of Your Solar System with Battery Storage:

Save Money on Your Energy Bills: Harness the power of the sun to significantly reduce your monthly energy expenses.

Generate Clean, Renewable Energy: Join the green revolution and contribute to a sustainable future by producing your own eco-friendly electricity.

Reduce Reliance on the Grid: Enjoy independence from the grid and ensure uninterrupted power supply even during outages.

Increase the Value of Your Home: Boost your property’s value with a cutting-edge solar system, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Contact us today to schedule your survey and make the most of this incredible Offer. Let’s power up your home for a brighter, greener future.